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Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
While many designers focus on one fire alarm manufacturer, Allen Engineering designs fire alarm and fire detection systems with each unique project needs in mind. This means we specify the design that fits your needs, not the previous project's needs. Our experience in every phase of the project from planning, design, and construction, on through commissioning will help make your project successful.

Fire alarm systems include Building Fire Alarm Systems, Releasing Fire Alarm Systems, Supervising Station Alarm Systems; Public Emergency Alarm Reporting Systems, In-Building Fire Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication Systems, and In-Building Mass Notification Systems. Fire detection systems include area smoke detection, heat detection, beam detection, and highly-sensitive smoke detection systems including air sampling systems.

Voice evacuation alarm systems, required in many instances, introduce an additional level of complexity since the alarm must not only be heard, but understood- intelligible. Mass notification systems take voice evacuation to the next level by requiring notification to include visible signals, text, graphics, tactile, or other communication methods.

Far from being "boilerplate systems", fire detection and fire alarm systems require special consideration in every project. We develop project specific specifications and drawings, adhering to the requirements of Fire Code, Building Code, and NFPA standards. All system design drawings are developed using computer aided design software, such as AutoCAD.

To assure competitive contractor selection, we prepare performance specifications rather than the traditional manufacturer supplied design specifications. Our specifications and drawings include performance criteria necessary for meeting the objectives of your designs. We define contractor qualifications, product performance, installation, testing, and commissioning criteria. Our specifications are tailored to the projects needs and include custom specifications or utilize SpecsIntact guide specifications prepared by the Government agencies.

No matter how large or small, simple or complex your project is, Allen Engineering will ensure it meets the highest standards of engineering practice.

Allen Engineering serves Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Spokane, Olympia as well as all of King, Spokane, Pierce, and Snohomish County


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