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Inspection / Commissioning / Acceptance Testing

The days of hiring individual contractors to be left to their design and installation are long gone. Fire protection and life safety systems have become increasingly complex; typically requiring the integration of fire alarm, building automation, smoke management, security and other systems. Validation, verification and acceptance of these systems is a crucial milestone toward achieving not only a certificate of occupancy, but a safe building.

Allen Engineering's comprehensive fire and life safety inspection, commissioning and testing (including Special Inspection) services ensure these systems are fully integrated, functionally reliable, and ready for use. Our services range from providing full commissioning support to witnessing final acceptance testing; from design review, to owner operation, maintenance, and training procedures.

Planning and Design Phase
We assist during the Planning and Design Phase by supporting the development of the Owners Project Requirements (OPR) and the Basis of Design (BOD) requirements for associated contractors. We ensure that commissioning process activities are clearly stated in all scopes of work. We then review project drawings of fire protection and life safety systems for general code compliance and compliance with the requirements of the OPR and BOD.

Construction Phase
During the construction phase, the focus shifts to inspections and testing. We review installation and record documents, verify installation is in accordance with coordinated, approved shop drawings, inspect overall installation as outlined in the commissioning plan, and witness system testing to ensure functionality and integration. Finally, ensuring that the systems were left in a state of operational readiness and ultimately recommend acceptance of the systems to the owner.

Occupancy Phase
During the final phase- occupancy phase, Allen Engineering verifies that individual system tests, integrated system testing and inspections are complete and documented in accordance with the design specifications and the commissioning plan for the project. We also review and approve the O&Ms to be compiled into the systems manual, assist in training activities and review documents including as-builts for the systems and interconnections.

Allen Engineering documents our findings of all of the fire and life safety system commissioning services in a detailed final report for each building and system. These reports certify that each system is operational and installed per the contract documents and applicable codes and they include test forms used during the inspection and testing process. The final report is sealed by our licensed Fire Protection Engineer.

Allen Engineering serves Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Spokane, Olympia as well as all of King, Spokane, Pierce, and Snohomish County

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