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Quality Management

Contractor Quality Management
Contractor Quality Management (CQM) is the performance of tasks, which ensure that construction is performed according to plans and specifications, on time, within a defined budget, and a safe work environment. For a construction project, quality begins with requirements carefully developed, reviewed for adherence to existing codes and requirements, and ultimately reflected in criteria and design documents which accurately address these needs. Therefore, the designer establishes the quality standards and the contractor, in building to the quality standards in the plans and specifications, controls the quality of the work.

"The purpose of CQM is to assure that the quality set by the plans and specifications

is achieved."


CQM is the combined effort of the contractor and the Owner. The contractor has primary responsibility for producing construction through compliance with plans, specifications, and accepted standards of the industry. CQM enables contractor and Owner personnel to be proactive and, thereby, prevent mishaps and deficiencies from occurring.

Contractor Quality Control
Many projects, including Government projects require a Contractor Quality Control Fire Protection Engineer (CQC FPE). The primary function is to assure that the completed project meets specific fire protection and life safety quality requirements of the contract. To guide the contractor in this task, a CQC plan must be prepared to ensure that the required standards of quality are met. In the CQC plan, the contractor defines the procedures by which he will manage and control his own and all subcontractor's and supplier's activities so that the completed project complies with contract requirements. The QCQ FPE witnesses installation and testing at various stages of the project to document compliance and ultimately final commissioning of the systems.

Allen Engineering can provide a valuable service to your CQM team or as the CQC FPE for your project.

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